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Who is behind [AC]?
Advent Conspiracy was started in 2006 by five pastors who decided to make Christmas a revolutionary event by encouraging their faith communities to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All . The response was overwhelming and the Conspiracy was born. The vision for our project is a collaboration between Rick McKinley of Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR; Greg Holder from Windsor Crossing in St. Louis, MO; and Chris Seay of Ecclesia in Houston, TX.

[AC] is a resource for churches to engage in authentic Worship and Giving at Christmas more fully- a simple idea for you to take and run with. Be as creative and bless those in need by giving relationally as God gave His Son to us at Christmas.

No money comes to or through [AC]. You decide where and how you would like to Give More to those in need.

Can we get a copy of the promo video?
All our videos are available for download from our resource section. You can also download directly from our Vimeo page. Just click here to go there now.

Where do I send my donation?
No money comes to or through Advent Conspiracy. You decide who you are giving to and when. One option is to donate to provide clean water in developing countries. You can donate to Living Water International. All [AC] donations will be applied directly to providing clean water with no funds diverted for administrative costs.

How can I get the videos from other years?
Check out The Work Of The People for many great videos to help communicate the Advent Conspiracy and worship during advent. They are available for purchase and download through this site.

What is your source for the stats for spending in America and for how much it would cost to solve the water crisis?
In general the estimates stated are rounded numbers based on our studies. Both the cost for clean water and national Christmas spending cannot be predicted from year to year due to the number of variables involved in each. The numbers we have given are safe estimates based on the following sources.

Spending Stats:
The National Retail Federation, “NRF Sees Subdued Holiday Gains in 2006” September 19, 2006. [LINK]

Water stats:
Main findings and recommendations
Causes for variations in the estimates
The global assessments reviewed range from 9 billion to 30 billion USD per year. The variation between the estimates is largely due to:
(i) problems in defining Target 10: particularly the terms “safe” water and “basic” sanitation need to be clearly specified, with consistent criteria;
(ii) the lack of reliable data reflecting the real situation with respect to WSS: this leads to considerable vagueness and shortcomings in the assessments;
(iii) the different methods and assumptions used, throughout the calculations, to assess the target population for service provision by 2015, the level of service to be implemented and the unit cost of each water supply and sanitation technology. Consequently, it is difficult to compare the estimated costs.

World Council Water Forum
D. Zimmer & D. Renault, “Water Crisis Facts and Figures” World Water Council, 2003. [LINK]

Do you have a bulletin insert available?
This year, we encourage you to develop a bulletin insert that is unique for your church or faith community. Use the logo provided on our Resources page and any other information on our site freely. And, we always love to see what creative teams develop, so make sure to share it with us here at [AC]. Just email us your designs to

Do you have Sunday school curriculum available?
We don’t have Sunday School Curriculum available this year. We do have a sample newsletter for families in our resource section that you may find helpful and if you do write some curriculum please let us know if you’d like to share it! As we all create resources for our [AC] projects it would be great if we could share them for next year!

We are an organization that is interested in partnering with Advent Conspiracy:
Because [AC] is a catalyst to help the church engage Christmas more fully and would like to be as simplistic and decentralized as possible, we have a unique view of partnership. Instead of formally partnering with specific organizations, we view each church and each individual who jumps into the Advent Conspiracy as valuable partners. We love hearing what has been successful for our co-conspirators in communities across the globe, so make sure to share your story on the Enter The Story section and let us know what you’re up to!