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Because sometimes not having a plan is a plan to not have money!

One of the most offsetting things about Christmas is that it can feel like you just get caught up in a whirlwind, then get dumped on the other side of the holiday, looking back at how much you spent.

So if you’re going to SPEND LESS, develop a strategy. Here are a few ideas you might consider as you make a plan for spending less, and more importantly, a plan to keep your eyes on Jesus this Christmas:

  • Know your limit, set a budget, and stick to it.
  • Before you start buying, consider each person on your list. Think about your relationship and what significance it brings to your life. This may help you think of something that costs less, but has more significance.
  • As you spend, write it down so you know if you are tracking to succeed.
  • Regret buying something? Return it!
  • Consider your core values and whether what you are buying reflects those values.
  • Be considerate when spending money.
  • In gift-giving groups, like a family or work place, consider drawing names, so each person gives only one gift.
  • In a family, consider agreeing to give just one less gift than last year (or maybe two).
  • Would your group enjoy forgoing gifts for an experience together?
  • Give your kids choices. Ask if they’d rather you spend $100 on Christmas decorations, or $20 to offer clean drinking water so someone who needs it. Often, they’ll make the right choice for you.

Whatever your strategy, we hope it helps you focus less on what you spend, and more on the birth of the Liberating King as the center of our celebration.


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