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The MISUNDERSTOOD Tenet—Don’t get this One WRONG!

GIVE MORE is not about giving more charity, money, or gifts—the last thing you need during the holiday season is more financial obligation.

GIVE MORE is about giving the way God gave on the first Christmas—it’s about giving yourself. 

GIVE MORE is about giving PRESENCE rather than just PRESENTS. 

It’s a shame that consumerism can eclipse our relationships during the season when we celebrate God’s relationship with us through Jesus. It is ironic that we celebrate God’s gift of a personal relationship with us by commodifying our relationships as gifts.

That is why we practice giving RELATIONALLY for Christmas, which is what it means to GIVE MORE. 

Once again, this is not dogma. Maybe sometimes giving material gifts creates the kissing ground between God and his bride, the Church. When it does, do it! But also make some effort to celebrate your relationships this Christmas.

Relational giving is about finding ways to give ourselves instead of giving things. It is something we are exploring together, so when you have great ideas, share them online, at this blog, and through social media—your experience matters, and it helps spread the word.

An example of relational giving might be a grandfather who gives his granddaughter a paper bag filled with household science experiment supplies for Christmas. He tells her that anytime she wants, she can bring this bag to grandpa, and they will put on their safety goggles and homemade lab coats, and spend time together doing experiments, learning about the world God gave us.

Whether you spend money or not, the point is to find ways to deepen our relationships with one another, and in so doing, deepen our relationship with God.

What does relational giving look like for you?

Wishing you deep relationships this Christmas, with Jesus and with one another,

Your Fellow Conspirators

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