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The SIX Gifts JESUS asked for 

In Matthew 25, Jesus gives us something like a Christmas gift wish list.

He said that whatever we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, that we do unto him. Then he listed six specific gifts, saying that when we offer them to those in need, we do the same for him:

1.  Food for the hungry.

2.  A drink for the thirsty. 

3.  Hospitality for strangers,. 

4.  Clothes for those without. 

5.  Care for the sick.

6.  Company for the prisoner. 

These are the gifts Jesus asked for, and today more than ever before in history we have all the resources and tools we need to solve address these problems.

We can direct our Christmas resources toward the mall, or toward the manger.

With a fraction of America’s holiday retail spending alone the Body of Christ could take on the world water crisis, and offer Jesus a drink everywhere in the world.

With a fraction of the time we spend consumed by the rat race Christmas has become, we could offer presence to brothers and sisters in need of love, and in loving all, love Jesus.

As long as we’re going to celebrate Christmas, we may as well give at least ONE gift to the birthday boy! 

LOVE ALL is a simple commitment to commit some portion of the money you save by spending less to the kind of birthday gift Jesus asked for—something for the thirsty, hungry, imprisoned, sick, and lonely.

Christmas was meant to change the world—and that change is happening. Already we’ve seen Advent Conspirators provide water for entire regions in water-scarce parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We’ve seen countless local ministries served, captives freed, hungry fed, presence offered to others, and to Jesus.

LOVE ALL this Christmas, and celebrate your gift to Jesus with the #AdventConspiracy community online.

The Body of Christ born in that manger is still changing the world.

Be a part of it.

LOVE ALL this Christmas.

Conspiratorially Yours,


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