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An Old Way to Think About Worship

What exactly is worship anyway? Is it what we do on Sunday morning? Is it only that?

Matthew and Luke were the only evangelists who recorded the Christmas narrative, and only in Matthew uses the word worship in direct reference to Jesus at his birth.

The word Matthew uses for worship in the Christmas story is proskuneó from prós meaning towards, and kyneo meaning to kiss. 

Ancient Christians used the word to mean the ‘kissing ground’ between God and his bride, the Church. (That’s us!) The idea has even more ancient roots. Old Egyptian reliefs depict worshipers with arms outstretched to their deities, throwing them kisses. Proskuneó is the Greek word for that.

To WORSHIP FULLY, one thing we can ask ourselves in everything we do this advent season is this:

Does this create a ‘kissing ground’ between God and us, his bride?

Ask yourself that…

…as you celebrate Jesus in community.

…on a wilderness walk with a loved one.

…while shopping at a strip center.

…after turning off the phone for a Saturday with the kids.

…while sharing fresh new ways to think about the manger among friends.

…during Black Friday sales.

…while volunteering.

…in shopping mall parking lot traffic jams.

…while incurring credit card debt.

…while reaching out to someone who gets lonely for the holidays.

…while making a Christmas morning gift as a family to a cause that honors Christ.

…while bringing a tree in the house, putting lights out of the house, decking halls, burning logs, roasting chestnuts, and everything else we do for Christmas!

…which of these—or anything else we do—create a ‘kissing ground’ between God and his bride?

The ones that do, let’s do more of them to WORSHIP FULLY.

Those that cause something else—like anxiety, guilt, frustration, isolation, or despair—let’s consider doing less of them.

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