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YOU are About to Invest a HALF-TRILLION-DOLLARS…do so WISELY. 

Here’s a number from the National Retail Federation:

Americans spent $658 BILLION in retail stores in 2016, and the number grows every year.

Maybe all that spending would be fine if it made us happy, but according to research conducted by a major consumer credit reporting agency, among people surveyed:

• 56% said they spend too much during the holiday season.

• 55% feel stressed about their finances during the holidays.

• 43% said the extra expense makes the holidays hard to enjoy.

• 31% have gone into debt from unexpected holiday purchases.

Years ago, when the Advent Conspiracy took note of numbers like these, people at some of the world’s biggest global organizations were trying to estimate what it would cost to proved water for everyone. The numbers are all out of date now, and they were probably wrong anyway, but they were coming up with numbers like $10 billion or $30 billion a year.

$600 billion holiday spending…$30 billion to solve world water crisis…the numbers got us thinking—can Christmas still change the world?

Christmas is still changing the world, and part of that change begins with unplugging from some of our unnecessary spending to reduce stress and free resources for things that matter.

There is nothing dogmatic about a conspirator’s SPEND LESS practice. The point is just to unplug from the chaos, debt, and gifts we don’t really need to celebrate Christ this Christmas.

Jesus didn’t ask us to spend half a trillion dollars on his birthday, but if we spent just a fraction of that MONEY on a birthday party consistent with his character, Christmas will change everything. 

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